At the heart of every road trip is a real need for superior performance and absolute comfort. Here at" Al Sumait tires " we are fully aware of the importance of this choice, as we offer you more than just tire replacement and car maintenance services. We offer a unique experience, where high performance meets endless comfort.

with us you find not just Services, but a companion who cares about the safety and performance of your car. The name "Al-Sumait tires" is not just a brand, it is a pledge to provide unparalleled services in the world of car maintenance.

Tire replacement

“Al-Sumait tires” offers the service of replacing all types of tires using the latest technologies. We provide guidance on choosing tires: our team provides consultations on the right tires for your car. Installation in front of the House: superior convenience through the installation service on your site.

Car maintenance and repair

This service includes several aspects to ensure the efficient functioning of your car. Deploy and switch batteries: using high quality batteries. Maintenance of hydraulic parts: to keep the system functioning smoothly. Oil change, advance and Dynamo maintenance: to ensure the best performance of your engine.

Installation service in front of the House

we pride ourselves on providing front-of-house installation service, allowing you to enjoy our services without having to leave your home and a unique experience that provides you with comfort and efficiency.

24/7 mobile services

we are always at your service, as you can rely on our team anytime and anywhere in Kuwait.
We offer battery replacement services: anywhere you need in Kuwait.Geish Switch and repair: to ensure the continuity of the functioning of the car.
computer scanning and programming: to accurately identify and fix malfunctions.
tire and torsion balancing: to improve driving performance.

Additional services

We also provide additional services for your convenience and car safety. Oil change: using high quality oils. General mechanical repair: to fix all car problems. Technical consultations: about possible improvements and upgrades.