At" Al-Sumait tires", we pride ourselves on providing car maintenance services in an innovative and efficient manner. We are pioneers in the field of tire replacement and car maintenance in Kuwait, where we provide our services effectively and with high quality, our pursuit of customer satisfaction is what always motivates us.

- Our vision

We look forward to being the perfect choice for our customers in the field of tire replacement and car maintenance, by providing high-quality and effective services with a focus on meeting the needs and expectations of customers.

- Our message

Our mission is to provide an exceptional experience for our customers, combining efficiency and convenience. We are here to facilitate the car maintenance process, and ensure the safety and performance of the car at its best.

إطارات السميط
إطارات السميط

Our goals

  • Superior qualityWe strive to achieve the highest quality in our services and use products and parts with high specifications.
  • Efficiency and immediacyWe aim to provide prompt services without delay, while maintaining high efficiency in every process.
  • Customer satisfactionWe pay special attention to achieving the satisfaction of our customers, as we strive to exceed their expectations and fully meet their needs.
  • Technology and innovationWe continue to follow the latest technologies and innovations in car maintenance to provide our services with the highest levels of development.

In short, we are here to provide tire replacement and car maintenance services in the best possible way, and we look forward to serving you efficiently and professionally. 
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